In the Neighborhoods of Athens City Center

Instructor : Thodoris Nikolaou

The neighborhoods in the city center with their diverse communities and cultures, offer an array of endless photographic subjects. Within a few blocks ethnic hairdressers, grocery stores, restaurants gather while every kind of activity takes place that reflect the diversity of everyday life.

In the multi-level workshop, the participants will be photographing in the streets and arcades, in the improvised temples and in the shops, learning from Theodoris Nikolaou how to come into contact with people and situations, creating images that express the spirit and character of the area. On the next day of the seminar, the best images will be presented for analysis and critique, while the topic of editing will be discussed to create a coherent and complete photographic project. In addition, the teacher will show the work of established photographers of the same genre that will motivate the students to continue photographing.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics



8 hours


110€ + VAT


October, Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd


Saturday 10:00 – 15:00 & Sunday 12:00 – 15:00

Registration until:

September, Wednesday 28th