Photography Studies: 2nd Cycle

Teachers: Yiannis Rizomarkos, Thodoris Nikolaou, Constantinos Tsiliacos

Are you fascinated by photography? Do you know enough but want to know it all? The advanced level of studies at Orama is aimed at people with your own need. To attend it, you need to have the basic practical and theoretical training, but also the willingness to delve into the magical world of the photographic image.

During the 2nd Cycle of Studies, by implementing your own projects, attending specialized courses and making more use of complex techniques, you have the opportunity to familiarize yourself with different photographic genres and identify those that interest you. At the same time, with this process, you are supported to bring out, effortlessly and consistently, your own, unique, photographic personality.
For your registration, it is not necessary to have attended the 1st Cycle at Orama. It is enough that, through your work, it can be certified that you have mastered the necessary level of knowledge. In this case, you need to send in 15-20 photos in digital format of a free theme or a coherent photographic work with the corresponding text that will accompany it, to the email address of the school orama@oramastudies.gr.
The program is completed in 28 courses with a total duration of 84 hours. Our students have a 25% discount on all workshops at the school. There is a 15% discount with the payment of the full amount and a 10% discount for students.



Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos, Thodoris Nikolaou

The course focuses on the contemporary trends of artistic photography, as well as the dominant cultural and aesthetic ideas that it expresses and have made it an important visual art. Through the works of renowned photographers, students will be inspired and cultivate their personal expression, deepening into concepts and emotions that will influence their current photographic works. A relevant book is provided.

Taught by Thodoris Nikolaou

The course analyzes the methods of approaching photographic history and highlights the importance of research (field – archival) and documentation. At the end of the cycle, the student will be able to create their own story through a series of images, learning the importance of continuous editing. Throughout this process students will gain the information and techniques necessary for the evolution of their photographic style. A relevant book is provided.

Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos

The art of photography can help us see both ourselves and the world around us. But how does photography become an act of self-discovery? How can experiences, culture, environment and everyday life be captured in our images? The course introduces a structured way of producing creative solutions, which will allow students to intensify their skills, to increase their awareness of themselves and the world around them, but also to understand the concepts contained in their photographs, while developing their personal style. Portrait, landscape, conceptual and directed photography as well as street photography, are some of the species that will be explored. A relevant book is provided.

Taught by Constantinos Tsiliacos

In this course students will practice photographing models, while they will get a first “taste” of studio work, which will familiarize them with the equipment and help them better understand the basic principles and lighting techniques.




28 lessons, 84 hours





Class hours:




Wednesday, September 28th



Basic cost: 800€ + VAT. Upon registration, 300€+ VAT is paid and the rest in 5 monthly installments of 100€ + VAT from November to March.
Cost including Books: 860€ + VAT. Upon registration 400 € + VAT is paid (registration cost + cost of books) and the rest is paid in 5 monthly installments of 100€ + VAT from November to March.

The fees are paid on the 1st lesson of the month. A 15% discount is offered for full payment in advance, as well as a 10% discount* for students and unemployed persons (student ID and unemployment card is required please contact the head secretary).
*If you choose to buy books when registering, the discounts will be applied on tuition fees only.

Students have a 25% discount on all workshops until the end of their lessons.
Discounts are not combined