Portfolio Development

Teacher: Tasos Vrettos

Tasos Vrettos chooses to teach for the first time, sharing with the students of Orama his valuable experience, both in the professional as well as in the visual field. In a team searching for creative transcendence and dialogue, he will guide students in the development and shaping of a complete photographic work (portfolio) on artistic or applied photography. The program is aimed at you who have experience in photography and you want to discuss your ideas about the creation or the completion of a unit of images, but also about ways to present it.

The lessons will challenge you to engage with critical thinking, inspiration and insight. Through classroom interaction, you will learn to overcome your artistic limits, following your curiosity and passion into new paths. You will also familiarize yourself with the process of composing your work and the criteria for selecting and organizing your images into a coherent whole. The goal is to discover and present the core of your personal photographic identity. During the course you will have the opportunity to work with important guest speakers, from different creative spaces and thinking. At the end of the program you will have completed a project, for whatever use you desire: Publication, participation in competitions and festivals, postgraduate study programs, news agencies and platforms.

For your registration, it is necessary to present a piece of indicative work. Please send us 15-20 photos in a digital format of a free subject or a coherent photographic work with a relevant text that will accompany it, to the school email orama@oramastudies.gr.

Classes are held two Fridays a month, except from the first three and the last three ones, which will take place continuously. They are completed in 14 meetings with a total duration of 42 hours.

Students have a 25% discount on all workshops until the end of their lessons, while a 10% discount is offered for full payment in advance.




14 lessons, 41 hours





Class hours:




Friday October 7th



800€ + VAT. Upon registration 300€ + VAT is paid and the rest is paid in 4 equal monthly installments of 125€ +VAT from November to February . 

Tuition is paid on the first lesson of the month. A 10% discount is provided upon payment of the full amount.

Students have a 25% discount on all workshops until the end of their lessons.
Discounts are not combined