City Spirit

A multi-level workshop program on the depiction of life in a city full of contradictions, Athens. Though courses on photojournalism, street photography and photowalks in selected places of special interest, participants will explore known and unknown corners of the city and will converse through their lens with its inhabitants. Atmosphere, light, each place’s characteristics and each person’s quirks offer a unique photographic experience, while the different teaching approaches of the experienced instructors offer new exiting viewpoints to look at our city again.

The workshops aim to teach participants to observe and interpret the environmental elements but also to approach people so that they can capture the “portrait” of a place in their own personal way. Anyone from an experienced photographer to a beginner with basic technical knowledge can participate. For each workshop, the option to buy the corresponding book (in English) for further studying is available.

In a hurry to be a photographer? Early entry in all workshops one month before the end of registrations, with a 15% discount.

The beaches of Athens are a unique surreal world of their own: Racketeers, colorful buildings and swimmers of all kinds! In this seminar, the participants, under the guidance of Andreas Kamoutsis, will learn to look beyond the ordinary by capturing unexpected images, practicing the art of street photography in a truly picturesque environment.

In the flea market of Schisto every Sunday you can sell or buy anything: rare items, clothes, tools, motorcycles and cars, even animals. Sellers, others in their posts for years, others who came to sell their belongings at low prices for a little extra income, compete for customers.

The heart of Perama hits next to the sea, in the shipyard repair zone. Where the inhabitants have devoted their lives to work in yards. Where refugees, breadwinners and ‘rebetes’ wrote their story next to the boats. Today, Greek and foreign workers, shipmakers, blacksmiths, welders, electricians, paintbrushes, engineers, continue to give their soul to the shipyard.

The purpose of this documentary workshop is to understand concepts such as story telling, journalistic analysis, stylistic approach, extracurricular communication and interaction. Concepts that each participant should utilize to create, under the guidance of the instructor, their own photographic “body” during a demanding day-to-day photography in the heart of Athens. The first day of the workshop will present relevant theory…

For years, the thousands of refugees and immigrants in our city have been praying and practicing their religious rites in makeshift temples located in the basements of apartment buildings, apartments, makeshift structures, and even in former popular nightclubs. On the weekends, Indians in colorful costumes, Ethiopians dressed in white, Nigerians in patent leather and white jackets and devotees of all denominations and nationalities flood the places of worship to praise their god, while giving the city its gray color. On the first day of the workshop the instructor will analyze the ways of developing and approaching the topics…