Life is a Beach: The Coastal Zone of Athens

Instructor: Andreas Kamoutsis

The beaches of Athens are a unique surreal world of their own: Racketeers, colorful buildings and swimmers of all kinds! In this seminar, the participants, under the guidance of Andreas Kamoutsis, will learn to look beyond the ordinary by capturing unexpected images, practicing the art of street photography in a truly picturesque environment.

On the first day of the seminar, the students will be inspired by photos of both the instructor and well-known photographers, will be given tips and will properly prepare their cameras with the proposed settings for successful shots. On the next day, are called to depict the atmosphere of a seaside route, using light, scenery and people as their main axis. With Andreas by their side, they will improve their observation and their visual perception, while they will be taught ways to develop their skills in image composition. The route will begin at Alimos marina and end at the Faliron Delta, however the program will be flexible enough to include spontaneous photographic opportunities.

The workshop concludes the next day at the school, with the presentation and critical analysis of the resulting images, to create an individual portfolio.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics



8 hours




May, Friday 27th, Saturday 28th & Monday 30th


Friday 19:00-21:00, Saturday 17:00-21:00 & Monday 19:00-21:00

Registration until:  

May, Tuesday 24th