Basic Composition Principles at the Historical Center of Athens

Instructor : Yiannis Rizomarkos

What makes a photo successful? What optical means does a photographer use to create an image that provokes the viewer’s interest? Success lies in a combination of various elements and their organization in an effective synthesis. In the workshop, the instructor will analyze the concepts and rules that determine the dynamic composition in photography and provide practical guidance on how to apply them to the shot.

On the first day of the seminar, through a short theoretical teaching and the analysis of important photographs, students will learn how lines, shapes, light are the means of their creative expression and how concepts such as balance, symmetry, depth, perspective affect the final result. Immediately after, the group will leave for the historic center of the city, where under the guidance of Yiannis they will shoot themes designed to improve their composition skills and their ability to enhance the content of their image.

The workshop is completed the next day at the school, with the presentation and critical analysis of the final images, as well as with references to works by renowned photographers that will motivate and inspire participants.

Suggested prior knowledge: Digital Camera Basics



7 hours


70€ +  VAT
-Book is available (Theory and composition techniques in English)-


October, Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th


Saturday 09:00 – 14:00 & Sunday 12:00 – 14:00

Registration until:

October, Wednesday 12th