Daylighting Rivers

Instructor: Panayiotis Lamprou

Refrain from only looking at the surface and listen to the story of Ilisos, the ancient river flowing invisibly under the city of Athens after having been paved over decades ago.The aim of this three-day workshop is the emergence of the sacred river of the city of Athens, both its underground part and its true history, in the eyes of the residents. Participants will approach different river routes, which include more evidence than an observational record in the urban environment.

On the first day, Panagiotis Lambrou, together with the architect – urban planner Iosif Euframidis, curator of ILI-SOS and founding member of Roe association civilians for streams and Dimitris Theodosopoulos, agronomist, landscape engineer EMP and member of D.S. Roe association, will present to the class archival material, maps and scientific information that will be integrated into the development of the overall project. On the next day, the lecturers will guide the students in the field to trace the “roots” of the river and depict the historical and environmental aspect of the subject or perhaps better the mentality of a society in its various phases as reflected in the river. Dimitris Theodosopoulos, as a speleologist, will lead the group safely to an accessible underground bed of Ilissos, which flows alive under the earth from Kallimarmaro to the facilities of the National G.S. At the exit a map will be given which will mark the route followed to continue the photography on the surface. This approach will take elements from Paraskevi’s archival material and what the landscape was like in past times, but also its current nature and structure. On the last day, Panagiotis Lambrou will dedicate it to the creation of individual and group portfolios, which will have the perspective of being part of a larger project that is already underway.

Helmets and 4 headlamps are provided for the entire group for the underground course, and we recommend that everyone brings a head torch or any mobile phone lighting they can use to photograph the underground flow of the river.

You can see the results of the first seminar  here.

The three-day Daylighting Rivers workshops will be held with the same research team at different surface and underground approach points of the Ilissos River, with the intention that the research will be a fruitful result for a visual exhibition and the gathering of quality information for the emergence and re-naturalization of the rivers of Attica.

Suggested prior knowledge Photography Basics



15 hours


150€  + VAT


Friday 25th, Saturtday 26th & Sunday 27th of November


Friday 18:30-21:30, Saturday 10:00-18:00 & Sunday 12:00-16:00

Registration until:

Tuesday 22nd of November