Photographing Athens by Night

Fanis Prokopakis
Instructor : Yiannis Rizomarkos
From urban photography to landscape photography, from starlight to light painting, the seminar is designed for participants to understand the basics of night photography and develop their artistic expression in any night situation.
In the first part of the workshop, the instructor will present ways to capture impressive images in low light conditionswith clear examples. Focus, iso and sensor tolerance, exposure control, suitable equipment for shooting in the dark and light painting, are some of the topics that will be analyzed. Students will then photograph in the historic center of Athens, familiarize themselves with the techniques taught and capture the magic of lighting taking their photography to the next level.

The seminar concludes the next day at the school, with the critical analysis of the photographs and the discussion of the problems and difficulties that arose, as well as references to the history of night photography and its contemporary representatives.

The school can provide a tripod upon consultation to those who wish.

Suggested Prior Knowledge: Digital Camera Basics



8 hours


80€ + VAT


December, Saturday 17th & Sunday 18th


Saturday 16:30 – 22:30 & Sunday 15:00 – 17:00

Registration until:

December, Wednesday 14th