Photography Basics

Welcome to the world of photography! Whether you’re looking for your first beginner photography seminar, or you’ve been busy before and want to refresh your knowledge, the Photography Basics Workshops at Orama provide the all the necessary steps for the new photographer: camera manipulation, practice in technical functions, photographic look, synthesis of an even frame, control of lighting even under the most difficult conditions. Choose your preferred workshop or attend all of them for a complete introduction to the photographic art.

For each workshop, the option to buy the corresponding book (in English) for further studying is available.

In a hurry to be a photographer? Early entry in all workshops one month before the end of registrations, with a 15% discount.

What makes a photo successful? What optical means does a photographer use to create an image that provokes the viewer’s interest? Success lies in a combination of various elements and their organization in an effective synthesis. In the workshop, the instructor Yiannis Rizomarkos will analyze the concepts and rules that determine the dynamic composition in photography and provide practical guidance on how to apply them to the shot.

We have all admired a timelapse video of the night sky or a busy city. Time to make our own! But do we really know what Timelapse is all about? How will we achieve the right result? How and where can it be used, and why is it so common nowadays?

There is no photographer without a camera, but there is no photographer who does not know how to use it. That’s why we created this workshop that concentrates all the basic knowledge of digital camera handling in two days of theory and practice. The first day is devoted to the abundance of machine settings and choices and to their in-depth understanding with the aim of a perfect creative result.

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to the exciting area of ​​night photography, which, although including special technical challenges, offers enchanting images of high aesthetic value. The atmospheric harbor of Piraeus, the floating ships on the dark iridescent sea and the imposing architectural forms compose the ideal location for this workshop.