Photography Basics

Welcome to the world of photography! Whether you’re looking for your first beginner photography seminar, or you’ve been busy before and want to refresh your knowledge, the Photography Basics Workshops at Orama provide the all the necessary steps for the new photographer: camera manipulation, practice in technical functions, photographic look, synthesis of an even frame, control of lighting even under the most difficult conditions. Choose your preferred workshop or attend all of them for a complete introduction to the photographic art.

For each workshop, the option to buy the corresponding book (in English) for further studying is available.

In a hurry to be a photographer? Early entry in all workshops one month before the end of registrations, with a 15% discount.

Fanis Prokopakis

From urban photography to landscape photography, from starlight to light painting, the seminar is designed for participants to understand the basics of night photography and develop their artistic expression in any night situation.

A digital camera offers a multitude of different options and settings that not only ensure a perfect shot, but also expand the photographer’s ability to express themselves. In this seminar we “unlock” these possibilities, and at the same time we “unlock” the creativity of anyone who wishes to engage in the art of photography.

Andreas Kamoutsis

22-23 OCT & 5-6 NOV

Photographic wandering and searching, expecting the unexpected, could be the definition of street photography. In each moment, there is the potential to create meaning, humor and details of everyday life in a photograph that echoes the history of urban life. In this hands-on seminar, participants will look for these unique moments by learning to look beyond the ordinary.

Λήδα Λάππα

What makes a photo successful? What optical means does a photographer use to create an image that provokes the viewer’s interest? Success lies in a combination of various elements and their organization in an effective synthesis. In the workshop, the instructor will analyze the concepts and rules that determine the dynamic composition in photography and provide practical guidance on how to apply them to the shot.