Professional Specialization

What is it.
The Professional Program at Orama develops in two directions of professional specialization:

· Advertising – Commercial Photography
· Photojournalism – Documentary Photography

Whatever you choose, here you will get all the professional knowledge to stand out in your field, through cutting edge theoretical approaches and practice in real conditions.
During your studies, you are taught by accomplished, working photographers, with an important personal history and a different perspective. As part of the courses, you present assignments, which are evaluated by your professors with strict purchase criteria. The goal is to familiarize yourself with modern photography and to acquire a photographic personality, in order to start your professional career strong.

Target Audience.
For you who want to live photographing, you have acquired a level of knowledge and you are claiming your place in the most important fields of applied photography.

Eleni Poulopoulou

The intensive, practical Commercial & Advertising seminar gives you all the tools to excel in the most lucrative fields of applied photography. Fashion, portrait, wedding, still life and product photography are the main points of training. Leading professionals share their knowledge and experience, through analysis of techniques and hands-on practice in real professional photography conditions.


By attending Photojournalism & News Photography by SOOC, you train in real-world reporting conditions. In the meetings of the Parliament, where our students have unique access, on the street, in the marches, in important events, in powerful social and political moments, you are always, actively there, to photographically cover the current situation with clarity, objectivity and high aesthetics.
Kyriakos Finas
Nikos Pilos

To create a complete photojournalistic story there is whole process from finding the idea to the conceptualization and visualization of it. There are many different ways of approach regarding each project, although the fundamentals are the same for any kind of work. In this seminar, award-winning Greek photojournalist Nikos Pilos, will teach all the “rules” one should follow to create a complete story under any circumstances, step by step