Commercial & Advertising

Instructors: Yiannis Rizomarkos, Ioanna Chatziandreou, Constantinos Tsiliacos, Lefteris Siarapis, George Malekakis

In this intensive, practical photography seminar, participants are getting ready to enter the most lucrative fields of applied photography: commercial and advertising photography. Fashion, portrait, marriage, still life and product shots are the main points of teaching, through technical analysis and practice in real-life professional photography.

Starting with the idea and design of the concept and proceeding with the realization of a photographic production with a special emphasis on the handling of lighting – natural or artificial – students have the opportunity to witness the whole process of a real assignment. By completing a series of professional leveled projects, under the continuous guidance of experienced instructors, they can personally create a portrait of high aesthetics and technical excellence and graduate ready to have their own clientele.

The program is completed in 25 courses of a total duration of 90 hours. Classes will be held every Tuesday afternoon at the school in addition to the external shootings that may take place outside of class day.



Taught by: Yiannis Rizomarkos

The most necessary lesson for every professional photographer that can familiarize them with studio photography. Through the teaching of basic principles and lighting techniques with emphasis on practical training, students learn to handle all the professional equipment: studio flash, umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dish, grids, radio frequencies, fixed light, photometers and reflectors.
A related book is provided.

Taught by: Ioanna Chatziandreou

At this course, the fundamental principles of fashion and portrait photography are taught in order that students can create their own images and build their personal style as fashion photographers. Teaching involves project assignment and practice in the studio, aiming at exploring the relationship between fashion and portrait, as well as understanding the importance of lighting. Additionally, self-promotion skills, such as portfolio development and personal branding, are essential for professional success.
A related book is provided.

Taught by Constantinos Tsiliacos

Natural light, the so-called daylight, is a precious ally of the photographer. In this lesson, students learn to handle its infinite potential to their advantage, applying it to portrait, fashion, and wedding photography. Having acquired the appropriate exposure, color temperature, direct, reflection and back light, as well as light reflectors and light diffusers, they will use their knowledge in outdoor photography at the daylight studio of the editor, White In Blue. Practice lessons take place in the morning and days out of schedule.

Taught by Constantinos Tsiliacos

By combining natural and studio lighting, in this lesson, students take the next step in the development of their techniques. By mixing different sources of light, they learn to balance exposure and color so to deepen their knowledge in advanced practices and create their own light, while developing their personal style. Practice lessons take place at the daylight studio of the instructor, White In Blue, in the morning and days out of schedule.

Taught by Yiannis Rizomarkos

A very important, practical lesson focusing on the use of the portable flash and its accessories, as well as on the techniques of combining multiple speedlights. The aim of the course is for students to fully explore the possibilities of flash and extend their skills by understanding the various settings, automatic and manual control, synchronization and remote firing techniques.
A related book is provided.

Taught by Lefteris Siarapis

Here are taught the essentials of advertising photography, the right techniques for product fashion, beauty, bottles, packaging and much more. Students learn the most effective ways to light and operate their equipment for a perfect result, overcoming any difficulty of still life photography. By understanding the whole process, they will be able to develop their own ideas and gain the knowledge and confidence that a commercial photography needs.

Taught by George Malekakis

In this course students will acquire the technical, aesthetic and managerial knowledge so that they can complete a fashion project. During the meetings, all the steps of preparation will be taught - concept, style, approach, highlighting of clothes - while they will be called to perform to the maximum in realistic conditions of professional assignment.




25 lessons, 90 hours





Class hours:




Thursday, September 30th


Tuition fee:

950€ + VAT. A minimum deposit of 350€ + VAT is required upon registration and the remaining amount should be paid in 5 monthly installments of 120€ + VAT, from November to March.
-Books are available-


Photoshop (Optional):

Instructed by Irene Alexi. 80€ + VAT. These are 3 courses with a total duration of 9 hours. Notes are provided.

The fees are paid on the 1st lesson of the month. A 10% discount is offered for full payment in advance, as well as a 10% to students and the unemployed.

*Discounts are not combined