Photojournalism & News Photography by SOOC

Instructors: Menelaos Myrillas, Nick Paleologos

Do you have a passion for the truth? Want to light up each side? Are you chasing small and big life-changing events? Do you feel that photojournalism is much more than a profession? Oramas’ one-year photojournalist training programs were designed to give you all the skills required in the fields of action, but also in the peculiar field of media. The courses are taught by the photojournalists of the leading Greek agency SOOC, who are among the most important professionals in the field.

By attending Photojournalism & News Photography by SOOC, you train in real-world reporting conditions. In the meetings of the Parliament, where our students have unique access, on the street, in the marches, in important events, in powerful social and political moments, you are always, actively there, to photographically cover the current situation with clarity, objectivity and high aesthetics. In the theoretical framework, the modern approaches of visual journalism, critical thinking, research, narrative strategies, image editing, writing appropriate text and captions, but also the social role of photography, which is becoming increasingly decisive, are discussed. By graduating, you have the resources and a strong portfolio with a strong personal eye to start your career in reporting and documentary photography.

The program is completed in 25 courses of a total duration of 90 hours. Students benefit from a 25% discount on all school workshops. A 10% discount is provided upon payment of the full amount. The lessons will be held every Thursday afternoon at the school, except for the external sessions, which will be announced once the political calendar has been finalized.



Taught by: Menelaos Myrillas

Photojournalists are accustomed to working under unforeseen circumstances and must always be able to create technically sound images in any lighting condition. In the lesson, Menelaos Myrillas will equip the students with all the technical skills they need and will prepare them properly to go out with confidence in their next mission. Optimal use of existing lighting, understanding speedlight flashes on camera and outside with indoor or outdoor portrait applications, are some of the topics that will be analyzed.

Taught by: Menelaos Myrillas & Nick Paleologos

This course focuses on political photojournalism, through the coverage of parliamentary conferences, press conferences, political campaigns and demonstrations. Students will learn to evaluate their photos and upload them on time to the agency platform, with emphasis on editing, adding the appropriate caption that accompanies photography, and key words to easily find it in the photographic bases. In addition, participants will have the opportunity to meet the SOOC envoy in Brussels, Aris Economou, to learn how to work at the round table and the international summits, as well as the reporting requirements abroad in relation to Greece.

Taught by: Nikos Palaiologos

In the age of digital journalism, where extraordinary news has immediate deadlines, photojournalists are urged to be timely at the scene of events and quickly upload their images on the internet for events that have taken place very recently or are in progress. The course will cover how to cover an extraordinary story of news, natural disaster, humanitarian crisis, unpredictable political developments, etc. but also how the images of a reporter can stand out from intense competition when many media cover the same subject.

Taught by Menelaos Myrillas & Nikos Paleologos

How can photography be sensitized to the ongoing social issues so that it recognizes the situation as a problem? Students will learn the practical and conceptual approach of the subject, while exploring the role of photoresponsibility in promoting social change. Migration, refugee, economic crisis and poverty are some of the key issues to be analyzed.

Taught by Nick Paleologos

From religious events and customs to cultural events and snapshots of the routine of people, the course analyzes photographic approaches to all the extensions of social life and everyday life. Nikos Libertas will guide and advise students on how to approach their subject and capture sincere moments of everyday life.

Taught by Nick Paleologos

This particular form of documentary photography draws its inspiration from an event or news, aiming to reach the audience through the photographic narrative. Students will be asked to complete a photographic project, just as they would for a printed or on-line medium. They will come in contact with people and situations and develop their themes by balancing artistic needs with the requirements of an assignment. There will also be discussed issues related to the editing of images to create a coherent and complete photographic work, as well as tips for showing work on platforms and magazines.




25 lessons, 90 hours



Thursday. External shooting meetings will take place οn specific dates and will be announced when the political calendar is finalized.


Class hours:




Thursday, September 29th



940€ + VAT. Upon registration 340€ + VAT is required and the rest is paid in 5 monthly installments of 120€ + VAT from November to March.

Tuition is paid in the 1st lesson of the month. A 10% discount is provided upon payment of the full amount.

Students have a 25% discount on all workshops until the end of their lessons.
Discounts are not combined