Orama safety measures for Covid-19

The small groups, the systematic and adequate ventilation and the complete disinfection of the school in combination with the observance of the official instructions, as well as with the necessary configuration of the room (distances between the seats), make our school suitable for the continuation of courses under current conditions.

Students must enter the school with a vaccination certificate or disease certificate or a negative coronavirus laboratory test (PCR), which has been performed within 72 hours or a Rapid Coronavirus Test within 48 hours before your entry (according to the latest instructions in the Government Gazette). During the lessons the face mask is mandatory, while in close contacts, when these are necessary for learning purposes between teachers and students (annual programs, workshops, external courses, private, etc.), a double mask must be used. At the same time, by using antiseptics provided by the school and washing our hands regularly, the lessons can be continued responsibly.

By faithfully and seriously monitoring developments and adhering to all precautionary measures and instructions of the state and the WHO, we are prepared to adapt to any new situation that may arise and may require changes in new teaching measures.