Distance Photography Courses



 9 hours / 2 months


Beginners: 180€ + VAT, Advanced: 210€ + VAT, Mentoring: 250€ + VAT.
*The cost is paid upon registration in the program.

Book Cost:

100€ + VAT (Shipping costs are excluded)


All year long

The program is addressed to those without the required time to attend the basic study program of the school. Through an intensive assignment schedule students come into contact with the basic theoretical and technical knowledge concerning art photography, while they develop the criteria to observe the evolution of their photographic thought.

Lessons are given via Skype. Every circle has the duration of 9 hours and consist of 10 meetings that are completed in a period of two months at most.

The program is separated into three levels, depending on the student’s knowledge and needs:

Beginners: All the basic technical issues are analyzed, along with issues of composition, visual perception and history of photography.

Advanced: Specific techniques are examined for those who already possess the basic knowledge,while emphasis is given on artistic development and personal style.

Mentoring: Individual support is provided to those who want to develop a photographic project or focus in specific areas and techniques of photography.

Books are provided in all programs (beginners, advanced, mentoring) in the main teaching units.