Private Learning



6 hours / 1 month


Beginners: 180€ + VAT, Advanced: 210€ + VAT, Studio Photography: 210€ + VAT, Photoshop for Photographers: 210€ + VAT, Mentoring: 270€ + VAT

Book Cost:

100€ + VAT


All year long

Each student is unique, learns at his own pace and manages knowledge differently. Private photography lessons is an option for those who have busy schedules and concrete daily routine that makes it difficult to regularly attend courses in a classroom. The personal contact with the instructor aims to inspire and help the student to discover the world of photography with his own personal look.
A more affordable alternative is to participate in a semi-private lesson with a second person. If you have a friend who shares your level of photographic expertise and has similar needs the opportunity is given to share the cost of the program.

Each program consists of 6 hours of lessons that are completed in one month.

The program is separated into three levels, depending on the student’s knowledge and needs:

Beginners: All the basic technical issues are analyzed, along with issues of composition, visual perception and history of photography.

Advanced: Specific techniques are examined for those who already possess the basic knowledge,while emphasis is given on artistic development and personal style.

Studio Photography: The workshop has been designed for those wishing to know the basic principles and techniques of studio lighting for a variety of situations and get acquainted with the equipment used in it.

Photoshop for Photographers: Lessons will acquaint students with basic skill needed for the constructive editing of their photographs. Getting to know the programs’ interface, raw file management, image size and analysis, exposure, contrast and clarity correction, color management and basic retouch tools are some of the subjects that will be developed during the classes. Students are required to have their own laptop equipped with the program.

Mentoring: Individual support is provided to those who want to develop a photographic project or focus in specific areas and techniques of photography.

Books are provided in all programs (beginners, advanced, mentoring) in the main teaching units.