Studio Lighting

Instructor : Yiannis Rizomarkos

The workshop has been designed for those wishing to know the basic principles and techniques of studio lighting for a variety of situations and get acquainted with the equipment used in it.

Τhrough presentations and demonstrations, participants learn about light direction and quality, proper exposure and color balance and are taught techniques that can be used in portraiture and still life. At the same time they practice handling studio flashes and their accessories: umbrellas, soft boxes, beauty dishes, grids, radio frequencies, tungsten lights, photometers and reflectors. In the end they will learn how they can create their own studio at home. The workshop provides fundamental knowledge for the next workshops in the “Professional Lighting” series.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics



5 hours


70€ + VAT
-Book is available (Lighting techniques in English)-


October, Sunday 9th


12:00 – 17:00

Registration until:

October, Thursday 6th