The school was founded in 2007 and has hosted thousands of students until today. Its graduates have excelled both in the professional field and in important artistic events. It is housed in a modern photographic studio in the center of Ampelokipoi, providing all the necessary teaching materials. The courses at Orama are taken up by recognized professionals, while top Greek and international photographers work regularly with the school.



Keeping track of the latest trends worldwide, Orama offers an innovative and versatile photographic program. Here, the student can explore a whole range of photographic kinds with annual courses or autonomous workshops, while the professional photographer can evolve with specialized seminars. Intensive programs, photographic trips around the world, and even private or distance photography courses complement the available photographic experiences.


Passion for photography, constant progress, freedom in expression: These are the principles that are taught at Orama. With high demands, first of all by us and then by our students, we commit ourselves to a lively, creative teaching process that will train perfectly and inspire every photography lover to discover his own self as a photographer.

I believe that I found myself in the right environment with the most suitable people, who guided me and created the conditions for an internal search and investigation that ultimately inspired me to complete a narrative project.

Dimitra Psichogiou