School Exhibitions

Orama team believes in the extroversion and visibility of the work of its students. That is the reason why every September we organize the annual exhibition of the school, presenting the best works from all the Cycles of the previous academic year as well as from the workshops. Each exhibition of Orama takes place under the supervision of the teaching staff in a selected exhibition space and gives students the opportunity to proudly present their work to the public.
In our minds, a whole country of thoughts, memories and feelings reflects the world we live in every day. Our inspirations become neighborhoods of our imagination and the images of our city develop a different meaning through our eyes. The students of Orama travel between realism and symbolism, capturing their photographic journey from place to place, moment to moment. Atmospheric portraits and urban depictions intertwine to create the map of their own place of expression.

10,000,000 breaths. So much has happened to each of us in the last year, while life inside and around us continued to be different, hard, beautiful, shocking even in its simplicity. Some of these breaths, these moments of life, are now immortalized in the images of this year’s exhibition of the students of the School of Orama Photography Studies. Honesty, vulnerability, humor, rawness and acceptance were used by photographers to create their own projects, to symbolically express their worldview or to artistically explore their personal experience. Thus, another academic year results in a multi-collection, moving and, above all, lively result.

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In a world of ever-increasing uncertainty, a photograph becomes a bold statement: “This is my reality.” With this courage of the young artist, the students of the School of Photographic Studies Orama created their own, personal, photographic universes, which they now exhibit in the annual exhibition of the school. Raw expression, symbolic narratives, original representations of everyday life but also honest humor were used to create the diverse but coherent body of the exhibition’s works. Behind each image is a school year with unprecedented challenges but also unique opportunities for redefinition, introspection and deep individual revelation. So now these artistic voices come together to say “For us, the world is what you choose to see.”

Wherever life happens, in parallel or simultaneous worlds, the Orama student photographers are there to draw inspiration. They evoke memories, share emotions and share experiences, using photography as a means to determine their position between past, present and future. Through their photographs, they explore the labyrinth of everyday life with lyricism and sensitivity as it unfolds in space, time and imagination. In the exhibition we came across images of stories of people and societies, intimate moments and surreal atmospheres that seek to convey the creators’ emotions. Images of life in real or utopian places, in lived or dreamed situations. Life there and everywhere, now and never.

The exhibition focuses on the city as an area enriched with social, cultural and psychological meanings. Images explore the different perceptions and extensions of everyday life in an urban environment that is distinguished between private and public life. The projects that are presented include a wide range of themes and are a powerful source for creating a visual dialogue with the viewer, giving him the opportunity for deep internal interpretations. Some of the projects illustrate, having a documentary character, the current events of the local reality and the lives of unknown to them people, presenting a story that shall remain endless. Others, having a conceptual style, draw their trust from the personal memory, the experiences of their creators and talk about the photographer’s relationship with his subject.

Images that consist personal thoughts into a journey of research. Researching time, memory, perception,  our relationship with a world struggling in vain to be rational. Photographers who attempt to interpret this world and shape their attitude towards life and humans. The light, the shadows, the forms and the textures are the visual materials used to transform the real spaces into imaginary, move between fiction and truth, into personal worlds that become true to each one individually.


afisa inner space

We usually perceive space as something related to a specific place. Orama’s students have expanded the concept to include man, emotion, memory. Using different perspectives, the photographic technique became a way to connect the external with the internal, in an ever-changing present moment. The resulting works contain personal stories, memories, instincts and desires that the artists wished to share with the spectator and function both as allegories and as documentation.

Photographs, as a reflection of scarce situations in life, capture moments and preserve memories and feelings in the passage of time. Through the eyes of the students, we are called to recognize the value of these moments, moments that we take for granted, and absorb their emotional impact. Either depicting mundane incidents of everyday life or surreal representations of their inner world, the photographs aim to make us empathize with them, connect us with the environment and the person and reveal the common road we all take in life.

Space and time get captured by the creators at a time of expression of their feelings, creating images with symbolic connotations. Contact, companionship, senses, eroticism, concepts that take shape, color and essence. Allegoric works, sometimes allusive and sometimes realistic, inspired by daily and fictional situations narrate the relationship between the photographer and his subject, functioning as means of communication with himself and his environment. At the same time, they provoke the spectator to converse with them, reminding him the subjectivity of narration and offering him the possibility of more personal interpretations.

exh2013 poster

Human people next to us… The realistic and symbolic interpretation of a face as well as a glance in our world creates the conditions so that artistic photography, altering our visual habits, can become the road to our personal expression and perception. The works narrate and translate emotions inspired by everyday situations and act as images representing the visual projection of oneself through the photographic lens.

exhib2012 poster
Search, analysis and honesty are the complicated yet humble paths that lead to the expression of our truth.
The images of our dreams and the artistic approach of the thoughts that surround us acquire realistic and symbolic status.
exh2011 poster

Completing a year full of productive ideas and emotions our students presented their exhibition.
The works are inspired by feelings and everyday situations, and act as an artistic interpretation of our self through the photographic lens.

exh2010 poster

When creative photography connects with imagination, it comes in contact with the surrealism of dreams and the realism of the senses. At the same time, when light evenly emits its abstract aspects and the theme draws from them, the result can only be aesthetic evolution.

exh2009 poster

The students of the school, aiming to create images that will last and will describe sometimes in a realistic, sometimes in a symbolic manner, their inner world, after completing a productive year , presented their exhibition.

exh2008 poster

At the end of a primary contact with the lens as their guide, the students of the first year of the Workshop of Art Photography, presented their ideas and emotions.