Nature Trip: Kerkini Lake

Instructor: Yiannis Rizomarkos

The ultimate photographic experience for the lovers of nature-landscape photography as well as the longest and favorite travel program of the school! A trip to the wetland of Lake Kerkini, the natural refuge of migratory birds and water buffalos living on its banks. Bicycling and hiking among forests and meadows, boats and canoeing on the water trails are the means we will use to photograph the unique flora and fauna of the area. 

At the northwestern tip of Serres, we find one of the most beautiful places in Greece, an ancient biotope surrounded by riparian forests and dense forests, creating a landscape of unique natural charm. It is a refuge for many species of birds, many of which are endangered or are now represented by very small populations. During this workshop we will search for the best shots from sunrise until sunset. We will record stunning moments of bird nests in the Sinking Forest, buffaloes that swim among the water lilies and shocking lakeside landscapes, overlooking the horizon from the mountainous complexes of Mount Belles and Kroussia. The workshop includes suggestions on the visual and technical approach to the subject, personal advice and guidance from the instructor, Yiannis Rizomarkos, as well as analyzing and criticizing the resulting images. During this trip you will not miss the free time, as well as also a delightful bath in the oldest Turkish bath. Do not forget to pack your swimsuit!

The journey is addressed to everyone, regardless of the photographic level, to beginners with the basic technical knowledge, but also to the more experienced photographers who want to experience and enhance their portfolios. Participants should have together a laptop for editing images.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics



4 days


435€ in quadruple room, 455€ in triple room, 490€ in double room & 550€ in single room.


Departure June, Friday 10th morning, return June, Monday 13th evening (Holy Spirit)


– Three nights with breakfast in the hostel  Αρχοντικό της λίμνης
– 4 lunches with local specialties at the restaurant Υδρογαία, 1 picnic in nature including barbeque, drinks & refreshments.
– Tour with traditional boats and experienced boaters familiar with the flora and fauna of the Kerkini Lake.
– Canoeing accompanied by a guide.
– Cycling.
– Transfers: All transfers to and from Athens and tours around the lake.
– Personal photographic guidance and edit of images for the final portfolio.

Not included:

– Drinks & soft drinks at restaurant meals.
– The hammam in the Byzantine baths of Agistros, 6€ for half an hour.
– Anything else not explicitly stated.


For the reservation and participation, 50% of the cost is pre-paid, and the remaining 50% is paid by May, Tuesday 31st. If the repayment is not paid by due date, the school may consider the participation canceled and retain the deposit.


For cancellation until 29th of April is subject to refund of the deposit. For cancellations after 29th of April, the school keeps the amount of the deposit and refunds the balance if it has been paid. Cancellation after 31st of May is not refundable.

Important Note:

We recommend that you book your tickets at low prices as soon as possible and ensure your participation in time, as the number of seats in the School’s travel programs is limited.