Understanding Camera Flash

Instructor : Yiannis Rizomarkos

If you’ve ever heard a photographer say “I never use flash, only available light” what they probably mean is “I have no idea how this thing works!”. The seminar refers to the understanding and the creative use of portable camera flash and its accessories. The students are taught through practice the best way of its usage and how to extend the capabilities of lighting, combining multiple systems of portable flashes.Beginning on the first day with the on-camera flash, the instructor will analyze the different exposure settings, automatic and manual control, synchronization on the first and rear curtain, high speeds for action photography and will demonstrate techniques for direct, diffuse and bounce lighting.

On the next day with the flash off  camera, participants will be taught triggering  techniques, using multiple wireless flashes, while there will also be mentions on the impressive stroboscopic lights.On both days students will have the opportunity to practice and absorb what they learned in theory while developing their abilities to use flash creatively and imaginatively.The course is particularly aimed at photographers who professionally use flash and to those who realize it can significantly improve their shots. Participants are called to bring their own flash and batteries.

Suggested prior knowledge: Photography Basics



8 hours


120€ + VAT


December, Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th


Saturday 12:00 – 16:00 & Sunday 12:00 – 16:00

Registration until:

December, Wednesday 1st