Yiannis Rizomarkos

After studying photography alongside music, he decided that imagery will be his means of personal expression to this day.

Yiannis works as a portrait, commercial and travel photographer, has collaborated with big publishers such as Conde Nast, DOL, Lymperis publications, Dafni and with high traffic magazines like Status, Vogue, Vimamen, Vimadonna, Cosmopolitan, Gaiorama etc. His travelling works have been published in books and magazines in Greece and abroad.

He teaches photography since 2003, while he has co-founded and directs Orama Photography Studies. He has a degree in Photography and Audiovisual Arts from the Athens technological Institute and a piano degree from the National Conservatoire. In order to safely photograph in high altitudes and low depths, he has graduated from the middle level schools of the Greek Climbing Federation and is a certified Advanced Diver of the PADI National Federation.

He is a member of the Greek Photo Press Union and is based in Deep Down Studio in Athens.